F-89 Fire and Life Safety Director


Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Director is required in any commercial building requiring Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan or the buildings previously requiring Fire Safety Directors. In general, any building classified as a high-rise office building, hotel or buildings that have voluntarily installed fire alarm systems with two-way voice communication systems must have a Fire and Life Safety Director on premises during regular business hours.

This Certificate of Fitness is valid only at a specific location and for the specific person to whom it is issued.

  • New Application Fees: $25
  • Renewal Fees: $15
  • Application Reviewed Within: 1-2 Days
  • Renewal Cycle: 3 Year

Before You Submit Your Application

You should review the Notice of Exam and Study Materials.

You should have successfully completed the 31-hour FLSD course from an FDNY certified FDNY certified Fire and Life Safety Director Schools (PDF)

How to Apply for FLSD Certificate of Fitness

Supporting documents you must upload while applying the COF exams online:

N-85 exam (The first part of the FLSD computer-based exam)

  • The latest 31-hour FLSD course school certification/letter

Z-89 exam (The second part of the FLSD computer-based exam)

How to request an FLSD Onsite Exam

Applicants who have passed the N-85 and Z-89 exams and obtained the Certificate of Completion (COC) can take the FLSD Onsite Exam. Only authorized personnel (designated by the building owner) are allowed to schedule an On-Site F-89 or T-89 Exam. Candidates cannot schedule their own exams.

All requests for Fire Life Safety Director (FLSD) Onsite Exams must be submitted online on FDNY Business. Scheduling requests for onsite exams will no longer be accepted via email.

How to renew the FLSD Certificate of Fitness

How to surrender the FLSD Certificate of Fitness

Individuals who no longer work at the premises where they were previously certified as a Fire and Life Safety Director should return their COF card(s) and the Surrender Certificate of Fitness Form (PDF) back to the Public Certification Unit, FDNY.

Special Requirements for Additional Work Location(s)

Candidates who work in multiple buildings and are subjected to R-59/R-58 after failing the first attempt at an On-Site Exam due to important responses, will not be allowed to schedule the second attempt at an On-Site Exam unless they pass the R-59/R-58 computer based exam.

Applicants are allowed to hold F-89/T-89 for two separate locations at the same time without special restrictions. Applicants who have been registered or are going to be registered 3 or more locations must submit/upload this application form with the $200 payment.

Applicants who are enrolled in the multiple-location-variance program (as F-89/T-89 at three (3) or more locations) must retake and pass the On-Site Exam in order to renew the Certifications for each location. The F-89/T-89 COF will be temporary blocked if it is expiring within the next 6 months. It will not be renewed until the COF holder pass the onsite exam at that premises. If the COF holder fails twice for the onsite exam or does not pass the onsite exam before it is still renewable (one year after the expiration date), the COF will be permanently voided.


Fire and Life Safety Director (F-89/T-89) Variance Form (PDF)

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