Corporate Emergency Access System


The Corporate Emergency Access System (CEAS) authorizes essential employees to access restricted areas following an emergency. CEAS-credentialed employees can work to shut down or sustain core business functions until normal entry is restored.

CEAS is the only program recognized by the NYPD and NYC Emergency Management that allows emergency access to businesses. The next time there is a major business disruption to your work location, CEAS may help you limit financial loss, retain customers, and get you back in business faster. CEAS may enable you to:

  • Gain emergency access to your business when access is restricted.
  • Rescue vaulted assets, such as cash, checks, receipts, and certificates.
  • Retrieve vital records, such as contracts, invoices, customer records, insurance documents, tax records, and licenses.
  • Shut down technology systems.
  • Retrieve critical equipment, such as laptops and servers.

How to Enroll

You can enroll your organization in CEAS online at Before enrolling, it is important to gather some information that will simplify online enrollment and training processes:

  • Designate a coordinator who will be responsible for administration of the program within your company.
  • Determine the company location(s) to enroll in the program.
  • Identify which employees will take part in CEAS at each location.
    • Credentialed employees should be those who best protect and secure your assets. Consider needs such as damage assessment, technology shutdowns, critical data and document retrieval or removal, and physical protection and building restoration when selecting employees for enrollment.
  • Create employee lists with e-mail addresses for each facility you will need to access.
  • Determine which employees will require access to multiple facilities and identify the facilities they will need to access.

How CEAS is Activated

In an emergency, public safety officials must determine that granting limited access to the affected area is safe before CEAS can be activated. When appropriate, the City of New York will activate the system and notify members through local media. Note: public safety officials managing restricted areas may limit or deny access to CEAS cardholders at any time due to changing conditions.

Credentialing Options

Given the diverse needs of businesses in New York City, the CEAS program provides different credentialing options.

  • Standard Card: a photo ID that provides acccess to a specific location for a specific individual.
  • Flex Card: a credential that provides access to a location with no assigned employee. This card allows companies to grant access to employees who become spontaneously critical.
  • Multi-Facility Card: is made available to participants with multiple worksites within a given jurisdiction. [Card allocations are granted on a limited basis.]
  • All Area Access Card: a photo identification card that is issued to a specific individual critical employee and/or essential service provider for access to ALL participant facilities within the sponsoring jurisdiction. [Cards are allotted only with the direct approval of the City.]
  • State Insurance Adjuster Program: Provides "C" level Flex Cards for insurance adjusters who apply through the NYS Insurance Department. This allows maximum flexibility for insurance companies who may be required to bring in adjusters from out of state.