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Who we are

The New York City Equal Employment Practices Commission (EEPC) audits, evaluates, and monitors the City of New York’s employment programs, practices, policies, and procedures to ensure that municipal entities and the City as an employer maintain a properly structured, efficiently administered affirmative employment program of equal opportunity for those employed by, or seeking employment with City government. The EEPC advises and assists municipal entities in their efforts to establish affirmative plans, measures, and programs to provide, and educate employees about equal employment opportunities, implement and maintain effective employment practices that are non-discriminatory and utilize discrimination complaint investigation procedures that conform to federal, state and local laws, regulations, policies, and procedures. The EEPC is an independent, non-mayoral entity.

Our Mission

The mission of the Equal Employment Practices Commission is to guide New York City government in its efforts to comply with equal employment opportunity requirements.

Our Work

We achieve this by

Serving as a thought leader in establishing best practices for making employment decisions.

Producing research studies to inform employment policy.

Collaborating with entities to overcome challenges in creating a fair and inclusive workplace.

Our Values

We are guided by our core values of

Fairness: we monitor the employment practices of City entities to ensure City employees and those seeking employment with the City are treated without unlawful discrimination, favoritism, or bias.

Equity: we collaborate with City entities to identify and eliminate barriers to employment and professional growth. Our research informs policies developed to create an inclusive, diverse workforce and foster a sense of belonging.

Integrity: we believe good governance and transparency are crucial to ensuring the City provides equal employment opportunities for its employees and those seeking to join its workforce. We establish clear standards and work with agencies to ensure their policies and procedures reflect the ideals and values of New York City.

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