Capacity Building and Professional Development

DYCD invests in building the capacity of nonprofit organizations as a strategy for ensuring that youth and families receive high quality, effective services. 
By bringing together practitioners, researchers and other experts to strengthen organizations and programs, DYCD also contributes to broader learning and field building efforts.

Specifically, funding for capacity building:

  • Strengthens organizations by investing in planning, leadership development, and infrastructure
  • Enhances program quality by building front-line and supervisory staff knowledge and skills
  • Promotes learning and continuous improvement by developing practitioner learning communities and supporting the adoption of data-driven decision making practices

DYCD leverages the expertise of technical assistance partners to offer community-based organizations support from leaders in the many fields, including youth development, workforce development, mental health services, and organizational development.

CB Resources

CB Resources is an online directory of capacity building consultants available to nonprofits. You can find consultants who can help improve program quality through enhancement activities in STEM, literacy or arts, for example, or experts who can support the organization through fiscal, legal or leadership consultants. Most vendors are an PIP making it easier to contract with them. Several are MWBE certified. There's also a list of DYCD funded consultants, with their services, sample workshop topics and contact information. Access to these consultants are at no cost to DYCD funded nonprofits.

DYCD Connect

DYCD Connect is the main resource center helping organizations communicate and coordinate with the communities they serve.

Trainings for Frontline Staff

Upcoming Workshops

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December 2022

Building Welcoming and Inclusive Spaces for LGBTQ+ Youth


Learn how to use a strength-based and inclusive approach for working with LGBTQ+ identified youth. Engage in discussion regarding topics including homophobia, transphobia, discrimination, microaggressions, the impact of family rejection, using affirming name and pronouns, the importance of LGBTQ+ affirming referrals and resources, and visual representations that create a welcoming, respectful, safe, and affirming program environment.

Date: December 1st
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Fall Line Staff Series


Learn about an upcoming cohort that will look at integrating Positive Youth Development and Youth Leadership Frameworks into program design. Examine what the frameworks look like in-person, virtually and in a hybrid model. Throughout the cohort experience, facilitators will be available to assist participants with program design.

Date: December 2nd

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Infusing Literacy into Clubs


Learn how to infuse literacy (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) into any club or activity at your program. Participants will learn about strategies such as paired texts, writing for multiple purposes, purposeful discussion, critical questioning, and more. 

Leave with completed lesson plans for your club or activity that feature high-impact literacy-infused learning. This workshop is designed for everyone interested in learning more about literacy strategies that work across different programs and clubs.

Date: December 6th
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Reflective Supervision: The Cultivation of leadership


Join us for a three-day experiential workshop, to learn how to use reflective supervision, a framework that builds a collaborative relationship between a supervisor and supervisee. Leave understanding:  

  • The three critical components of reflective supervision 
  • Four skills that promote and assist in the facilitation of Reflective Practice
  • How reflective practice assists in the facilitation of giving and receiving feedback
  • The important skills to developing introspection as a reflective supervisor. 

Workshops meets SACC license requirements hours.

Date: December 6th
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Establishing an Apprenticeship Program to Expand Your Workforce 


Enhance your abilities to explore and evaluate the apprenticeship model as a workforce strategy and expand your workforce by creating a pipeline for staff to matriculate through your organization and/or program. Explore the importance of creating culturally competent apprenticeship programs, which also lead to higher outcomes for both the employer and staff.

Date: December 6th
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Building Bridges: Accessing NYC Funding Opportunities


Understanding how to access government funding doesn't have to be complicated. Find out how you can open an account in Passport, the city's procurement system, which gives you access to most NYC funding opportunities, how to apply for discretionary funding, and free capacity building resources to strengthen your board and volunteers.

Date: December 7th
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No More Apathy: How to Design Lessons that Make Youths Excited to Learn 


Have you ever planned an exciting lesson that you thought your class would love, only to be met with blank stares at the end of the class? You’re not alone! Learn to develop and deliver engaging lessons through a series of steps, tools, and strategies that will elevate your instruction and increase engagement.

Date: December 8th
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Conversational Caregiving - Promoting Mental Health in Children and Youth


Build on foundational concepts of mental health and examine case studies and practice helpful dialogue in real time.  Explore strategies for conversation, intervention and emergency response related to mental health concerns in children and youth. and gain tools and insights to engage in conversations around mental health topics with children and youth.

Date: December 8th
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Creating Comics for Social and Emotional Learning  


This workshop presents SEL learning in the context of youth-developed comic books. Dr. Bitz and Dr. Mulholland, who have been working together for over 10 years, will present the SEL framework developed by Sanford Harmony, a no-cost SEL program. Then they will highlight tools and strategies that promote SEL through the process of writing, designing, and publishing comic books. The workshop will provide participants with no-cost, web-based resources that can help them lead their own comic book clubs with a focus on social and emotional learning.

Date: December 12th
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Entrepreneurial Skills Training in Workforce Development  


December 13th and 15th 

Learn how to facilitate activities that build entrepreneurial skills to provide a high-impact program. The training is designed to expose you to the possibilities and benefits of providing an entrepreneurship program. You will walk away with: 

  • Best practices for teaching entrepreneurial skills and building an entrepreneurial mindset, in order to implement or enhance this component of their existing program offerings;
  • Understanding of the range of resources available to help expose job seekers to 21st-century entrepreneurship opportunities and role models; and
  • Strategies for implementing a successful virtual or in-person entrepreneurship program.

Date: December 13th and 15th
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January 2023

Events listing will be available soon.


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