What is refashionNYC

refashionNYC is a convenient and free textile donation and recycling service available for NYC residential and commercial buildings, schools, and nonprofit institutions.

We deliver bins to collect your unwanted clothing, household textiles, and accessories, then pick them up when they are full.

Why Enroll

Every year NYC residents throw away approximately 200,000 tons of clothing, linens, shoes, and other textiles and apparel. Items collected through refashionNYC are diverted away from landfill. In partnership with the nonprofit organization Housing Works, these items are sorted, and either donated to be reused or sold for reprocessing as things like cleaning rags or seat padding.

Receipts for tax deductions are available for refashionNYC donations.

Who Is Eligible

  • Apartment buildings with 10 or more units
  • Office buildings
  • Commercial industries (fashion and apparel businesses, storage facilities, gyms, laundromats, hotels)
  • Schools and nonprofit institutions

What to Donate

  • Clothing
  • Accessories (shoes, hats, bags, gloves)
  • Household textiles (towels, curtains, bedding)
  • Clean rags, ripped and damaged clothing

How to Get Started

Submit an application online.

After you apply, we will visit your building to determine the size and quantity of donation bins and where they should be placed.

refashionNYC bin sizes

  • Small (2' deep x 4' wide x 6' high)
  • Large (3.5' deep x 4' wide x 6' high)

When a bin is full, simply call or email to have it picked up.

Enroll your building in refashionNYC.