What is ecycleNYC

ecycleNYC is a convenient and free electronic waste collection and recycling service for residential buildings with 10 or more units. In partnership with Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), this service follows the strictest industry and environmental standards.

We provide your building with a secure electronics collection bin or can arrange to pick up items from an internal storage location.

Why Enroll

E-waste is the largest and fastest growing household hazardous waste in NYC. Many New Yorkers don't have access to a vehicle, which makes it difficult to take old computers and TV to be recycling. ecycleNYC is easy and it helps keep e-waste out of landfill.

What to Recycle

We collect only e-waste items covered under the NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act. This includes:

  • Household and office electronics (computers, laptops, keyboards, printers)
  • Smaller entertainment electronics (video game consoles, cell phones, MP3 players)
  • TVs, VCRs, DVDs, DVRs

Find out more about what items are considered e-waste. Make sure to erase all sensitive data.

NOTE: Household appliances, batteries, and light bulbs are NOT accepted.

How to Get Started

Submit an application online.

After you apply, we will arrange for a training or visit your building to discuss how ecycleNYC will work best for your building.

Service options

10 or more units

  • Building managers store residents' electronics in a secure, enclosed area before collection.

100 or more units

  • Storage bins are provided;
  • Small bins are 2' deep x 4' wide x 5' high;
  • large ones are 2' deep x 5.5&' wide x 6' high.

250 or more units

  • We'll work with building management to schedule outdoor recycling events.

When a bin is full or you have collected 20 items, simply call or email to have your e-waste picked up.

Enroll your building in ecycleNYC.