Recycling for Residents

ALL NYC residents and businesses are required to recycle. We provide free curbside recycling collection for NYC residents and schools.

Businesses must arrange to have their recycling collected by a licensed private carter

What to Recycle

How to Recycle

Place recycling out at the curb after 6:00 PM in a bin of 55 gallons or less with a secure lid and labeled with a recycling decal, or, if using bags, set out at the curb after 8:00 PM.

Use only clear plastic bags for recycling.

Set bundled cardboard (flattened and tied with twine) out next to bins or bags. DO NOT use cardboard boxes as bins.

To ensure collection, all recycling must be set out by midnight.

Buildings with 4+ Residential Units

Building owners/managers with four or more residential units MUST designate at least one area for recycling storage.

The storage area MUST:

  • Be reasonably accessible to residents;
  • Provide enough bins for proper separation and the prevention of material overflow;
  • Display signage about recycling requirements and have bins clearly labeled.

Failure to do so may result in fines that increase with each new offense.