CFC Removal

You MUST make an appointment to dispose of refrigerators, air conditioners, water coolers, and any other appliance containing CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) gas.

We provide FREE curbside removal of appliances with CFC (also known as Freon).

Service is available for residents ONLY. Businesses must hire private carters to dispose of CFC appliances. Appointments made by a business may result in a Notice of Violation.

NOTE: Some newer appliances contain R600a or R32 refrigerant, which we CANNOT collect. Look for the warning sticker (yellow triangle with black flames). Contact the appliance's manufacturer or a private carter for safe disposal options.

Residential Instructions

  • Step 1: Call 311 to make a CFC Recovery appointment or submit an Online Service Request form (below). Appointments cannot be made anonymously. Up to 10 appliances can be scheduled per appointment.
  • Step 2: Remove hinges and locks from refrigerators and freezers. This is a safety precaution to protect children and animals.
  • Step 3: Place appliance on the curb with the back facing the street after 6:00 PM the night before your appointment.

What Happens Next

On your appointment day, specially-trained DSNY staff will remove the CFC from the appliance(s) and place a tag on it. The tag has a six-digit number so that sanitation workers can verify that it is ready for pick-up.

Sanitation workers will pick up the tagged items on your next recycling day. Only tagged appliances will be collected.

NOTE: If you set out an R600a or R32 appliance for CFC removal, we will tag it with a red sticker and will not collect it.

Make a CFC removal appointment.