Commercial Waste Zones

Following significant planning, analysis, and contract development, the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) is in the process of a monumental overhaul of the City's commercial waste industry mandated under Local Law 199 of 2019.

While the Department of Sanitation collects trash, recycling, and compostable material from residents, businesses are required to hire private carters to collect their waste. Currently, any neighborhood may be serviced by dozens of these carters in an inefficient, hazardous, and unsustainable system. Local Law 199 of 2019 was designed to reform this system, by establishing new safety standards for workers in the commercial carting industry, improving service for businesses, increasing diversion rates, and reducing vehicle miles traveled as well as harmful emissions from waste hauling vehicles.

On January 30, 2024, DSNY announced new no-cost contracts with carters directly to reach the goals set out in the law. These selected carters are then authorized to operate in a given "Commercial Waste Zone" within the five boroughs and under the rules and requirements set forth by DSNY.

NYC Rules

Final Rules

NOTE: The rules become effective in each zone as the commercial waste zones get implemented.

Initial Zone Rule for Commercial Waste Zones
Effective: May 19, 2024

Establishment of 20 Commercial Waste Zones
Adopted: February, 2020

Commercial Waste Zones Customer Service and Operations Rules
Adopted: November, 2021

Public Safety Requirements for Carters Operating in Commercial Waste Zones
Adopted: November, 2021

Commercial Waste Generation Audits
Adopted: November, 2021

Safety Task Force

The Commercial Waste Zones Safety Task Force was created by Local Law 199 and meets regularly to make recommendations for the effective implementation of safety measures relating to commercial waste collection. The Safety Task Force is chaired by the Commissioner of Sanitation and includes the Chair of the Business Integrity Commission as well as other appointed industry and policy experts.

Meeting Minutes