NYC Health Clinics

New York City Health Department clinics offer patients sexual health, immunization and tuberculosis (TB) services, regardless of immigration status. If you do not have health insurance and cannot pay the fee, you can still get services.

  • Sexual Health Clinics: These facilities provide low- and no-cost confidential services for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.

  • Immunization Clinic: You can receive required school and college vaccinations at our immunization clinic. You can also get your seasonal flu vaccine and other recommended vaccines at this clinic. This clinic does not offer COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Tuberculosis Chest Centers: Anyone at risk for TB can get a free evaluation and treatment at a chest center.

Health Insurance and Billing Practices

These clinics accept all types of insurance, including Medicare Part B and Medicaid.

Billing practices and accepted types of health insurance vary by clinic type and may depend on the patient’s age, family size and income.

Confidentiality Rights