Newborn Home Visiting Program

The Newborn Home Visiting Program is a free service for all birthing parents regardless of age or immigration status. New birthing parents can get support within the first weeks of birth.

Health professionals will visit your home and can provide you with a variety of services and health tips, including:

  • Talking about the development of your baby and your household’s other children
  • Providing infant feeding support, such as for breastfeeding
  • Showing you how to put your baby to sleep safely
  • Providing support for your mental health
  • Helping you create a safe home environment
  • Connecting you to additional resources or services that could help meet your family‘s needs


The program is open to first-time parents who live in a Taskforce on Racial Inclusion and Equity (TRIE) neighborhood.

It is also available to families who have a baby 0-to-3 months old and who are:

  • New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents in a TRIE neighborhood
  • Currently receiving help from the Administration for Children’s Services
  • Residing in a Department of Homeless Services shelter

For more information about eligibility, call 311.

How to Sign Up

If you gave birth in a hospital where the program operates, our staff will contact you. If you recently gave birth and we did not contact you, find out if you can apply by calling 311.

You can also call the following numbers if you live in these areas:

  • North and Central Brooklyn: 718-637-5235
  • South Bronx: 718-579-2878
  • East and Central Harlem: 646-672-2894

If you live in a Department of Homeless Services shelter, call 718-579-6805 for more information about signing up for this program.

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