Strategic Plan

Our 2018 Strategic Plan: Enriching our Legacy, outlines our vision to be a world class water and wastewater utility while building a sustainable future for all New Yorkers. The Year Three Progress Report provides an overview of DEP’s progress on the 43 specific initiatives outlined in the Strategic Plan and provides accountability to our ratepayers and other stakeholders.


To enrich the environment and protect public health for all New Yorkers by providing high quality drinking water, managing wastewater and stormwater, and reducing air, noise, and hazardous materials pollution.


Is to be a world class water and wastewater utility, while building a sustainable future for all New Yorkers.


  1. Safety: We put safety first and are committed to creating the safest workplace for everyone involved in our work.
  2. Integrity: We conduct ourselves at all times in a manner that is ethical, professional, and honest.
  3. Service: We employ a customer-focused approach in all that we do.
  4. Diversity: We embrace diversity across all demographics, including but not limited to race/ ethnicity, gender/gender-identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, disability/perceived disability, religion or creed, economic class, and their intersections.
  5. Support: We support a culture of respect and invest in the professional growth and development of our workforce.
  6. Transparency: We communicate openly to encourage cooperation and understanding.
  7. Sustainability: We maximize the economic, environmental, and social benefits of our investments and responsibilities.
  8. Innovation: We embrace new ideas that improve our performance and service to our customers.

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