The Top 6 Things Public Servants Need to Know about Post-Employment Restrictions

1. Public servants may not seek jobs (including submitting a resume, exploring job opportunities, and interviewing) with a company or not-for-profit when they are currently dealing with that company or not-for-profit as part of their City work.

2. Former public servants may not disclose or use for personal advantage any confidential information obtained in the course of their City employment.

3. Former public servants may not communicate with their former City agency (including in-person meetings, virtual meetings, phone calls, and emails) on behalf of a new employer or business within one year of leaving City service.

4. For former public servants who were the paid member of a board or commission, the highest-ranking paid public servant at a board or commission, or an agency head, the communication restriction is two years. For former elected officials, deputy mayors, and certain agency heads, the communication restriction is two years and their entire branch of government served.

5. Former public servants may never work on a particular matter (for example, a contract) for a non-City employer if they worked on that same matter during their City employment.

6. If a former public servant leaves to work at another government entity, the one-year communication ban and the particular matter ban does not apply (the government-to-government exception).


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