Acceptable Use Policy

The City's Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, in consultation with the Department of Investigation and the Law Department, has developed an Acceptable Use Policy that sets forth permissible and impermissible uses of such City resources as computers, telephones, copiers, and email.


Advisory Opinions

The Board issues Advisory Opinions to interpret the provisions of Chapter 68 as applied to an individual public servant seeking the Board’s advice.


Agency Designations for Work on Behalf of Not-for-Profits

Pursuant to Board Rules § 1-13(e)(1), public servants may be designated by their agency heads to perform work on behalf of not-for-profit corporations, associations, or other such entities that operate on a not-for-profit basis.


Annual Reports

Annual Reports summarize the Board's work and accomplishments for each year.


Annual Disclosure Reports

Annual Disclosure Reports, in which certain New York City employees and elected officials provide information about their financial affairs and outside positions and interests are available upon request, pursuant to New York City Administrative Code § 12-110(e).


Enforcement Dispositions

Below are links for searchable summaries of every COIB enforcement disposition and a chart of every fine issued by the COIB for violations of the conflicts of interest law.


Post-Employment Consulting Arrangements

Pursuant to Board Rules § 1-07(d), a former City employee may be retained by their City agency as a consultant within one year of the termination of their City service with certain requirements and agency head approval.


Substantial Policy Discretion

Pursuant to Board Rules § 1-02, City agencies are required to submit to the Board by February 28th of each year lists of public servants charged with substantial policy discretion.



Pursuant to Charter § 2604(e), the Board issues waivers of the conflicts of interest provisions of Chapter 68 after it determines that the proposed conduct of a current or former public servant does not conflict with the purposes and interests of the City.