Enforcement Dispositions & Fines

Below are links for searchable summaries of every COIB enforcement disposition and a chart of every fine issued by the COIB for violations of the conflicts of interest law.

When the Board finds that a current or former public servant has violated the City’s conflicts of interest law, it makes that finding public. See City Charter § 2603(h)(3); Board Rules § 2-02(f). These findings come in several different forms.

Most public findings of violations are negotiated settlement agreements.

  • Most settlement agreements are public dispositions. In a public disposition, a respondent admits to the relevant facts, acknowledges their violations, and agrees to pay a monetary penalty.
  • In certain limited circumstances, the Board enters into a settlement agreement called a public warning letter. In a public warning letter, a respondent agrees to a statement of relevant facts and a description of their violations but pays no monetary penalty.

If the Board does not reach a settlement with a respondent and finds that a violation has occurred after a full hearing, it will publish an order that contains the Board’s findings of fact and conclusions of law and imposes a monetary penalty.

All settlement agreements and orders are searchable below.

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