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The NYC Human Rights Law prohibits discrimination in Employment, Housing and Public Accommodations based on Age, Race, Color, Religion/Creed, National Origin, Gender, Pregnancy, Gender Identity and Gender Expression, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Marital or Partnership Status, Immigration or Citizenship Status.

In Employment, the Law affords additional protection against discrimination based on Unemployment Status; Arrest or Conviction Record; Credit History; Status as a Victim of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence or Stalking; Status as a Caregiver (for a child or sick family member); and Sexual and Reproductive Health Decisions.

In Housing, the Law affords additional protections in based on Lawful Source of Income (including housing subsidies such as Section 8, and LINC and public assistance programs such as SSD and SSI), Lawful Occupation, Family Status (including Presence of Children), and Status as a Victim of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence or Stalking.

The Law also prohibits Retaliation and protects against Discriminatory Harassment and Bias-based Profiling by Law Enforcement.

The Law’s protection includes discrimination because of an individual’s actual status as well as what people think or perceive an individual’s status to be.

Individuals are also protected based on their association with other individuals who fall into a protected category.
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‪Anyone who has reason to believe that he or she has been a victim of discrimination in New York City (the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan) may file a complaint with the Commission. Complaints must be filed within one year of the last incident of alleged discrimination.‬‬‬‬‬

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