Parking Structure Classifications & Reporting

The required parking structure inspections are called condition assessments and may only be performed by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) with the required experience. After performing an inspection, the PE must file an electronic technical report indicating the condition of the façade and classify the building online via DOB NOW: Safety

  • Safe: No problems and in good condition; or
  • Safe With Repairs and/or Engineering Monitoring (SREM): Safe, but requires repair/monitoring; or
  • Unsafe: Problems/defects threaten public safety. With an Unsafe classification, the owner shall immediately secure public safety by removing the unsafe condition or safeguarding the area. 

Parking Structure Report General Information

  • Buildings with ongoing construction may not be designated as Safe.
  • Provide color photos and a location diagram.
  • Cite the cause and description of each defect.
  • Include the inspecting engineer’s projection of the month and year when the defects will become hazardous and cause the parking structure to be classified as Unsafe.
  • Cite the repairs that will need a Department-issued work permit.
  • Provide details about appurtenances. 
  • Acceptable forms of public protective measures may include removing the unsafe condition and/or safeguarding the area.

Filing Fees

Unsafe conditions must be corrected within 90 days of filing a report with an Unsafe status. An amended report must then be filed within two weeks of completing the repairs. If the repairs are not completed and an amended report is not filed within this timeframe, time extension requests are to be filed with the Department and are subject to review and acceptance.

  • Initial Report - $305.00
  • Amended/Subsequent Report - $85.00
  • Extension Request - $65.00


The following penalties apply after the filing period ends:

  • Late Filing (initial report) - $1,000 per month
  • Failure to File (initial report) - $5,000 per year
  • Failure to Correct Unsafe Conditions - $1,000 per month
  • Failure to Correct SREM Conditions - $2,000 (one time)

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