Single Occupant Toilet Signage

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What is a single-occupant toilet room?

A single-occupant toilet room is a toilet room – or restroom – that can only be used by only one person.

What is a gender-neutral toilet room sign and when is it required?

A gender-neutral sign indicates that a toilet room can be used by a person of any sex. A gender-neutral toilet room sign is required for single-occupant toilet rooms. This requirement was put into place by Local Law 79 of 2016.

What is Local Law of 79 of 2016?

  • Requires that all businesses with single-occupant toilet rooms, make such toilet rooms available for use by persons of any sex.
  • Does not require physical alterations to such single-occupant toilet rooms except for the posting and maintenance of appropriate gender-neutral signage.

What gender-neutral signage is appropriate?

While the Department does not require specific signage, the following would be appropriate:

Where must the gender-neutral signage be posted?

Gender-neutral signage must be posted on the wall, adjacent to the door of a single-occupant toilet room.

Logo for an All-Gender  Restroom

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Submitting a Complaint

Any single-occupant restroom without adequate gender-neutral signage can be reported to New York City's 311 complaint system at either or by calling 311.

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