Sign Permit

Construction Code §28-105.1 requires Department permits for sign displays and installations. A Sign permit (SG) must be filed for the copy (text or image) to be displayed. This is filed through DOB NOW: Build. If the sign is attached to a structure and not directly placed on the wall or façade of a building, then an alteration permit for the structure must be filed with the Department office in the borough where the sign is located:

Bronx (718) 960-4709
Brooklyn (718) 802-4035
Manhattan (212) 323-7288
Queens (718) 286-8360
Staten Island (718) 420-5418

Signs that are smaller than six square feet and not illuminated do not require a permit. A detailed list of exceptions to the permit requirement is contained in Construction Code §28-105.4.5. Signs must comply with regulations outlined in the NYC Construction Codes, the NYC Zoning Resolution and the Rules of the City of New York.

Electrical Permit

A proposed sign requiring an electrical connection must have a separate work permit to install it. This permit is filed by a licensed electrician through DOB NOW: Build.

Bronx (718) 960-4750
Brooklyn (718) 802-4342
Manhattan (212) 323-7286
Queens (718) 286-7650
Staten Island (718) 420-3575

Illuminated Sign Permit

If the sign is illuminated and extends beyond the building line, an annual illuminated sign permit may also be required. Illuminated sign permits must be renewed annually and owners will be automatically billed. Issues with Illuminated Sign Permits should be directed to:

NYC Department of Buildings
Central Filing and Billing Unit
280 Broadway, 1st Floor
New York, NY 1000
(212) 393-2252

Licensed Sign Hangers

Construction Code §28-415.1 requires a licensed Sign Hanger perform or directly supervise sign installations with specific exemptions provided in §28-415.2:

  1. signs not exceeding 75 square feet (7 m2) in area, measured on one face only, nor exceeding 25 pounds (11 kg) in weight
  2. signs supported directly on the ground; or
  3. directional signs; or
  4. temporary signs erected during the construction or alteration of a building and related to such work; or
  5. the erection or placing of any signs by employees of the City, any City department or other City agency.

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