Scaffold & Shed Permit

A permit is required prior to erecting any sidewalk shed, or a supported scaffold over 40 feet in height. All supported scaffold and sidewalk shed filings in DOB NOW: Build.

If a supported scaffold is staged on top of a sidewalk shed or any other temporary construction equipment, the height of the supported scaffold must include the height of the sidewalk shed or temporary construction equipment. The height of a supported scaffold staged on top of permanent construction, such as a roof or setback, shall be measured from the roof or setback to top of the supported scaffold and shall not include the height of the permanent structure See Chapter 33 of the NYC Building Code (BC 3314.1.1) for additional information on supported scaffolds and sidewalk sheds.

Sidewalk sheds shall be maintained and used by the General Contractor (GC), or where there is no GC, the Contractor causing the work to be performed, or where there is no active work, the building Owner.

For additional sidewalk shed maintenance, repair, and inspection information see Chapter 33 of the NYC Building Code (BC 3307.6.5).

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