Letter of No Objection or Completion

A Letter of Completion may be issued for minor alterations that do not require a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy. For buildings built or altered prior to 1938 and a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) was not required at that time, a Letter of No Objection may be issued to confirm the legal use of the building.

Letter of Completion

Project work does not end when the Contractor completes the physical work. Property owners must ensure the Contractor and Design Professional have engaged with DOB and the Special Inspection Agency (SIA) to ensure completion of all required inspections in a timely manner. The Design Professional and Contractor must obtain all the necessary sign-offs for the completed work so a CO or a Letter of Completion can be obtained to close-out the project.

A Letter of Completion is issued for minor alterations to properties and confirms the work complies with all applicable laws, all paperwork has been completed, all fees owed to the Department have been paid, all relevant violations have been resolved and all necessary approvals have been received from other City Agencies.

Letter of No Objection 

Buildings built before 1938 are not required to have a CO unless later alterations changed the use, egress, or occupancy. Use BIS to find out the building history. If you require proof of the legal use of the building, contact the borough office where the property is located to request a Letter of No Objection (LNO). LNOs are issued if the proposed or actual use of the building complies with New York City Building Codes and Zoning Resolutions, and the occupancy load and exits of the building are unchanged.

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