Permits by Type

Electrical Permit

An electrical permit is required for most electrical work, including handling of electrical wires that is performed in a residential home or business. DOB’s Electrical Unit issues electrical permits for electrical installations that must be performed by electrical contractors who are licensed by the Department of Buildings. All ED16A electrical filings must be submitted in DOB NOW: Build.

Electrical installation review will be performed by the DOB Electrical Plan Review (EPR) team. Special Permission Requests will be performed by the borough/HUB office. 

Electrical Plan Review (EPR)

Rule 4000-01 provides complete details for making a submittal for Electrical Plan Review. Get additional informtion.

Electrical Special Permission Requests

Electrical special permission requests will follow the CCD1 process. Your RDP may request a Department Determination of Construction Codes and Zoning Resolution by submitting a CCD1. For more information please see Rule 4000-01.

Consequences of Working Without a Permit

If electrical work is performed without a permit, the owner of the building, as well as the individual who performed the illegal work, may be subject to violations, summonses, court appearances and fines. Furthermore, an unlicensed electrical contractor who performed the work may be fined for working without a license.

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