AHVs for DOB NOW Applications

Contractors can use one of the below methods to create a new AHV permit in DOB NOW: Build:

  • On the DOB NOW dashboard, select the +Permits button and then After Hours Variance Enter the permit number to initiate an AHV application request.
  • On the DOB NOW dashboard, select the Work Permits dashboard and locate the applicable permit number. From the Filing Action column, select Create AHV.

Upload any supporting documents including a DOT permit, DEP-approved Certification of Undue Hardship and DEP-approved Alternative Noise Mitigation Plan (ANMP) to the initial application request in DOB NOW by selecting +Add New Document. Documents will no longer be accepted after the application is submitted.

Once the application is paid for and submitted, the application will be reviewed and the contractor will receive an email notification with the outcome of the review.

If the AHV application is approved, the contractor can then log into DOB NOW: Build, pay the daily fee and print the permit from the Filing Action column on the dashboard. The AHV permit can also be printed from the DOB NOW public portal (without logging in) by searching by address and selecting the job number. If the AHV application is denied, select Trace History on the DOB NOW AHV application page for the denial reason. For additional assistance, submit an inquiry at nyc.gov/dobnowhelp.

To request AHV permits for DOB NOW electrical and elevator permits, use a paper PW5 form and submit it to the appropriate borough office.

After Hours Variance Renewals for DOB NOW Applications

Contractors can renew AHV work permits by logging into DOB NOW: Build and from the dashboard, select the After Hours Variance dashboard. From the Filing Action column, the option to select Renew AHV Permit will be available if the permit can be renewed. AHV renewals must be submitted before the AHV permit expiration date. If the option to renew is not available, open the initial AHV permit application and select Trace History for more information. If the AHV permit is expired or cannot be renewed, create a new AHV permit to proceed.

Additional Information