Indoor Automated Parking Garage Systems

All indoor automated parking garage systems are evaluated by OTCR on a site-specific basis. The evaluation process and submittal requirements are listed below.

Project Timeline and OTCR Evaluation Process

Project Timeline and OTCR Evaluation Process

  1. Submit construction documents with Borough office
    • Submit OTCR2 application form and required documents
    • Obtain OTCR Conditional Acceptance Letter - FDNY Letter of No Objection is require for OTCR Conditional Acceptance Letter
  2. Approval of construction documents – this includes approved zoning analysis and FDNY approved fire protection plan
  3. Work permit issued
    • Install, inspect and certify per OTCR Conditional Acceptance Letter and FDNY Letter of No Objection
    • Obtain OTCR Final Acceptance Letter
  4. Project sign-off

Submittal Requirements

  • Submit the OTCR2 Application Form with the $600.00 processing fee made payable to the NYC Department of Buildings
  • Required Documents:
    • General information:
      • Address
      • DOB Job#
    • Project Narrative:
      • Filing Information – project type (NB or Alteration); installation floors (i.e., cellar, 5th thru 8th floors, stairway, etc.)
      • Building Information – building Owner and operator; main building description (construction type, occupancy classification), parking floor description (construction type, occupancy classification); fire protection info (suppression, alarm, smoke detection, mechanical ventilation); CO detection; floodplain installation
      • Automated Parking System Information: System type (e.g. pallet, rack and rail, stacker…); attendant/non-attendant; capacity of parking garage; process for parking and retrieval; safety measures for protecting and separating the public from the active parking system (gates, sensors, etc.)
    • Proposed Plans:
      • Site plan
      • Parking plan (include layout on all floors)
      • Building section detailing parking floors.  Details for stacker systems must include racking arrangement
      • Fire protection plan
    • Evaluation Plan
      • Evaluation of manufacturing and installation features
      • Contact OTCR for additional details of the Evaluation Plan
    • Borough Commissioner Compliance Letter
      • RDP must submit a signed and sealed letter addressing compliance with all appliacable sections of BC 406.2 and 406.3.
    • Manufacturer’s literature
    • Manufacturer’s published maintenance plan
    • List of equipment and material used in the automated parking garage system (i.e., electronic processing system, structural frame materials, elevator/lift, retrieval/parking system, etc.)
    • Structural calculations signed and sealed by a NYS P.E.
    • Copy of FDNY Letter of No Objection
  • Submit OTCR2 Application Form and required documents to:
  • NYC Department of Buildings
    Office of Technical Certification and Research
    280 Broadway, 7th Floor
    New York, NY 10007

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