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Landmarks/Land Use

The Landmarks/Land Use Committee routinely considers land use, zoning and development actions before the Community Board that require public review. Any matter subject to the provisions of the City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedures and Special Permit and Variance applications are automatically referred to this committee for review. Additionally, the committee routinely reviews applications, legislation and regulatory matters pertaining to the landmarking and preservation of the historic integrity and character of the residences, institutions, facilities and other structures in the district.

David Briggs, Landmarks & Land Use Co-Chair
Alec Schierenbeck, Land Use & Landmarks Co-Chair

Landmarks/ Land Use Committee Roster

Article explaining the ULURP process

Meets: Fourth Thursday of the month

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Permit Application Finder – an interactive web map that allows users to geographically view where LPC permits have been filled and issued, along with details of what the work entails.

Permit Application Search – an enhanced tool which now provides users with the ability to search for applications by community district and work type.

Gowanus Scoping Letter and Comments