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Youth/Human Services/Education

The Youth/Human Services/Education Committee primarily focuses on matters pertaining to the delivery of youth, library and education programs and services in the district. The committee has routinely reviewed applications for various youth and community development programs and makes recommendations for funding. Additionally, the committee provides a forum for interaction between the youth service providers and community-based organizations of the district to exchange ideas with and disseminate information to our communities. Also, the committee focuses on matters pertaining to the delivery of social and health care services to the general, senior and special needs populations of the district and may consider proposals for group homes, the siting of additional service-based programs and special population housing subject to public review.

Suzanne Turet, Chair, Education
Kathy Park Price, Chair, Human Services
Jason Reischel, Chair, Youth Services

Youth/Human Services/Education Committee Roster

Meets: Fourth Wednesday of the month

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