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Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP)

A Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) is required if a property owner is requesting a zoning change. ULURP is a standardized procedure with many steps that involve many agencies.

Read about the Department of City Planning's ULURP process

CB6 ULURP Review

Within sixty (60) days after receipt of a Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) application from the Department of City Planning, Brooklyn CB6 may hold a public hearing and submit a written recommendation to the Board, or may waive in writing the holding of a public hearing.

Upon receipt of a copy of a BSA application, If Brooklyn CB6 decides to hold a public hearing, the district office contacts the applicant by email informing the applicant of the date of the public hearing and the board’s Land Use Committee meeting, which both tend to take place on the fourth Thursday of the month, September through June. At this meeting the Land Use Committee makes a recommendation to the full board.

After Brooklyn CB6's Public Hearing and Land Use committee meeting, the full board votes on the committee's recommendation at the following full board meeting.

After the full board meeting, the district office submits the board's written recommendation to CPC, the applicant, the Borough President and when appropriate, the Borough Board.

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