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Economic/Waterfront/Community Development & Housing

The Economic/Waterfront/Community Development &Housing Committee focuses on issues related to the overall local economy and housing. It provides a forum for merchants and business-related topics to be discussed. They routinely meet with merchant associations and business advocates from the area to exchange information and ideas to promote business growth, retention, employment and economic development in general for the district. Additionally, the committee concerns itself with matters pertaining to the use of the district’s waterfront, including such areas as the Gowanus Canal, the Red Hook waterfront, and the Port Authority’s Red Hook Container port along the Columbia Street District waterfront. Also, the committee is involved in matters pertaining to housing development, stabilization and assistance projects, programs and services in both public and private housing.

Rick Luftglass, Economic Community Development Chair
Ariel Krasnow, Housing Chair
Mark Shames, Waterfront Chair

Meets: Third Monday of the month

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