Wholesale Markets Fees

License and Registration Terms, Fees & Applications

Public Wholesale Markets Registration (3-year registration): $4,000.00

  • Renewal: $4,000.00

Wholesale Seafood Business (2-year registration): $4,000.00

  • Renewal: $4.000.00

Wholesale Seafood Delivery Business (2-year registration): $4,000.00

  • Renewal: $4,000.00

Trade Association Registration: (3-year registration) $4,000.00

  • Renewal: $4,000.00

Labor Union Registration Application (3-year registration) $4,000.00

  • Renewal: $4,000.00

Labor Union Officer Registration Disclosure: $600.00

Disclosure Fee for Principals of Loaders, Unloaders and Company's Trade Association: $600.00

Class "A" Market Photo ID: $150.00
Investigation Fee for Class "A" ID: $200.00
Class "B" Photo ID: $100.00

Replacement for lost or stolen ID: $20.00. **There is no fee for a damaged ID card.**

Fingerprint Fee as required by New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. The Business Integrity Commisssion (BIC) will advise the applicant of the requisite fee amount.