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The following offices oversee our juvenile justice programming and providers to ensure that we deliver high quality and responsive services to our young people:

Office of Juvenile Justice Programs and Services

This office ensures that our youth receive comprehensive and consistent medical, mental health, case management, and social services throughout their involvement with the juvenile justice system by:

  • Overseeing ACS’ entire array of programming and services for court involved youth
  • Developing innovative programming and services for youth and families
  • Strengthening mental health services
  • Working together with stakeholders to identify trends, track data, and implement effective interventions
  • Coordinating training and staff development around specific clinical, mental health, and programmatic issues such as LGBTQ youth issues, family engagement, substance abuse, and the impact of trauma

This office plays a lead role in building and sustaining partnerships with New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, Family Court Mental Health Services, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, New York State Office of Mental Health, and with other city and state agencies to bring together resources, improve service delivery, and coordinate medical, mental health, and social services for juvenile justice-involved youth and their families.

Download the resource Juvenile Justice and Mental Health: A Guide for Families of Juvenile Justice-Involved Youth with Behavioral and Mental Health Concerns.

Programs & Initiatives