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What is Juvenile Justice Initiative (JJI)?

JJI is an alternative-to-placement program that is available in all five boroughs. JJI allows young people who the Family Court finds to be juvenile delinquents to stay at home and receive intensive services in the community.

What types of services will my family receive through JJI?

JJI offers intensive services that focus on the needs of your child and your family. All services take place in the home during a time that is convenient for the family so that all family members can participate.

Depending on your family’s needs, our therapists may visit you up to several times a week and they can be contacted 24 hours a day to meet your needs. The therapists work with all members of the family to:

  • Teach you the skills to manage your child’s behavior
  • Refer you to resources such as mental health services and substance abuse treatment
  • Help your child deal with peer difficulties and school-related challenges

Who is eligible for JJI?

Young people may be eligible for JJI if they have been determined by Family Court to be a juvenile delinquent and have a caretaker who is willing to participate in services. ACS will look at the needs of each youth to decide whether JJI is appropriate for the youth and the family.

What happens if my child does not fully comply with JJI?

While in JJI, youth are supervised by the Department of Probation. If your child does not follow the program rules, Probation may petition the Family Court Judge to place your child in a residential facility.

Contact JJI by calling ACS Support