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Office of Safety First

The Office of Safety First provides a dedicated hotline for mandated reporters, which aims to assist with maintaining clear and direct lines of communication between the reporter and/or source of a report and our ACS staff assigned.

Safety Liaisons will work to:

  • Connect mandated reporters to the assigned Child Protective Specialist(s) after a report has been made, or when there is further need for assistance pertaining to a case.
  • Help evaluate the progress of an investigation and address additional case concerns.
  • Work to liaise all interested parties until the concerns are resolved.

The Office of Safety First cannot provide you with a clearance on a particular family or child, and cannot accept child abuse and neglect reports. All suspicions of child abuse and neglect must be made to the NY State Central Register Mandated Reporter Hotline by mandated reporters at 1-800-635-1522, 311 or call 911 if you believe a child is in immediate danger.

To contact the Office of Safety First:

Call 718-KID-SAFE (718) 543-7233) Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm or Email us at