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Meet Our Midwives

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Our midwifery program has been a staple of the Bronx since NCBH opened in 1976. This unique and intimate service is the largest of its kind in the New York City area.

Susan Papera, CNM,MSN; Director of Midwifery Services
Susan received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and her Master’s degree and Midwifery from Columbia University. She joined the staff at North Central Bronx Hospital as a staff midwife shortly after the Obstetrical services were open in 1978 and she has been helping to care for the women and families in the Norwood section of the Bronx ever since. Presently, she is Director of Midwifery services. Working with such a richly diverse group of women is extremely rewarding and also an on going learning process as she says. Ms Papera is particularly proud of the fact that she is an NCB “Grandmother”- babies she has helped into the world are returning and she has had the privilege of helping their babies into the world.

Lillian Hofer Scott, CNM
Lillian Hofer Scott joined the midwifery service in November 2013, and is the newest member of the team. She received her Master's of Science in Nurse-Midwifery from New York University in May 2013, after a long journey. She initially became interested in midwifery while still in high school, and decided to pursue nursing for her undergraduate degree, which she also obtained at NYU. She worked as a nurse for five years while going back to school for midwifery, and was lucky enough to do a clinical rotation at NCB as a midwifery student. That experience helped cement her desire to be an NCB midwife, and she is thrilled to be "coming home" to NCB this fall.

Jannette Wise, CNM;
Biography coming soon!

Marlyne Charles, MSN, CNM
Marlyne graduated from Molloy College with Bachelors in Nursing in 1997 and SUNY Downstate University with a Masters in Nursing and Certificate in Midwifery in 2002. She worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 5 years before becoming a midwife in 2002. She has been a Certified Nurse Midwife in Full Scope Practice at North Central Bronx Hospital since October 2002. She is a member of American College of Nurse Midwives, a Certified Lactation consultant and member of la Leche League Queens Chapter. She remains committed to a continuum of learning for herself and her community of midwifery peers, as well as her clients. It is her steadfast belief that this continuing education enables providers and families alike to make the safest, evidence based decisions about the kinds of birth experiences possible for them. “People often ask me how I got into midwifery or what inspired me to be a midwife. I like to say that “I was born into it”. When I was a young girl my grandmother attended births as an assistant to the midwives. She told me some of her birth stories and I was fascinated. As a nursing student I witnessed my first birth and knew I had found my calling. Perhaps the most important and profound part of my journey as a midwife came when I became a mother myself. Although I had been attending births already for 4 years, it was quite different to be on the other side! I found myself facing the most challenging, powerful, and humbling experience of my life. Several years later and after two more babies I am still in awe of the birth process. I am passionate about my work as a midwife and am eternally grateful to all the women and families who have shared this most amazing event with me. My other passion is breastfeeding and I am a qualified lactation consultant with 6 years’ experience in this area. I also have experience in helping women have a vaginal birth after a caesarean. I truly consider it more than a job, it's a vocation, a calling, and I am lucky to share this journey with you.

Janet A. Williams, MSM, CNM
Janet graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelor’s in Nursing, and SUNY Downstate University, with a Masters in Midwifery. She has been a Certified Nurse Midwife in full scope practice at North Central Bronx Hospital since 2003. She is a member of the American College of Nurse Midwives. She enjoys caring for women and their families, being able to meet their emotional and cultural needs through education, care, and support. It is her belief that if women are supported throughout their life cycle, it will positively affect the entire family. Planning when to conceive gives women control over their future plans and goals. She has published in a National health guide on "Preconception Care", which helps prepare women to start pregnancy in the best health possible. It is her honor to be invited to journey with you as you trust the process of pregnancy, labor and the transformative event called birth. After attending over five hundred births, she continues to be awed by the strength of the women she cares for.

Judith Gale, CNM;
Judy was inspired to this awesome profession in her teenage years. She witnessed an interaction between a homebirth midwife and her mother, in her native country of Honduras. She trained at SUNY in Brooklyn NY and graduated in 1995. Since then she has the privilege of working as a Certified Nurse Midwife, providing pre-natal, post-partum, GYN and Family planning to women.

Harriet McKinley, CNM
Heidi McKinley has been working as a midwife at NCB since1993. She earned an MS from Pace University and pursued her midwifery dream at the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing in Hyden, KY. It is her passion to keep birth normal in this corner of the Bronx. She enjoys hiking, skiing, playing bridge and singing with the Parkchester Chorus. Heidi lives with her family, two cats and one dog in Washington Heights.

Denise Wharton, CNM;
Denise Wharton has been a member of this midwifery family since she graduated from SUNY Downstate in 2001. She graduated from Hunter College in 1994 with her RN and started her career as an RN in Bellevue Hospital working Orthopedics and Prison Health. Soon after that she started on a Labor and Delivery unit and then transferred to an out of hospital birth center where she learned the art and beauty of natural child birth. Originally a Queens girl, she loved working in the Bronx and caring for the women of the Bronx so much that she moved up here herself. In 2001 she joined the staff of North Central Bronx and has never looked back. She loves the wide range of care that she has been able to bring to her patients from prenatal visits to family planning and IUD placements. Her favorite thing is to have her babies that she delivered come back and visit her some even as teenagers! Her interests outside of the hospital include raising the most awesome daughter ever, singing in a choir and international health, having had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Rwanda precepting new midwives there. She is so very proud to be a part of this amazing team of women.

Odessa Fynn CM ,MS;
Odessa has been practicing full scope midwifery providing primary care, family planning, prenatal, and labor & delivery services to women and families since 2011. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Hunter College and Master's of Science in midwifery from SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Ms. Fynn was brought to midwifery by a desire to serve adolescents, survivors of intimate partner violence, and their families. She currently heads up the adolescent practice at North Central Bronx Hospital & is the author of a resource manual for women in need of services living with domestic abuse. She performs outreach by teaching reproductive health to middle school students in the South Bronx public school system. Ms. Fynn brings both hospital & home birth experience to the midwifery practice. Ms. Fynn & her husband are the proud parents of two wonderful children which were both born via two lovely home births.

Lynn Chapman-Stern, CNM;
Born and raised in the Bronx , I started my work as a midwife 25 yrs ago at NCBH. I left in 1996 and worked in both private practice and different hospitals. Returning to NCB in 2008 has been the best reward. I am very excited by the reopening of maternity services at NCB and look forward to seeing out beautiful women once again giving birth in “their “ hospital.

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