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by The Joint Commission
NCBH receives the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (NAPH) 2011 Safety Net Patient Safety Award for its Reducing Adverse Outcomes on Labor and Delivery initiative.
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Patient/Guest Information

Patient/Guest Information
Social Services

Social Workers are specially educated professionals who are available to you and your family to help with your care and assist with social or personal problems. Social workers oversee the discharge planning process and arrange for post-hospital services, home care services and nursing home transfers. For example, if you need special equipment in order to go home safely, social workers make the necessary arrangements. If you wish to see a Social Worker, ask your doctor or nurse or call the Social Services Department at (718) 519-3100.

Spiritual Care

North Central Bronx Hospital has Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and Muslim chaplains. Please speak with your nurse if you would like to see a chaplain or attend services. The chapel is located on the 17th floor.  Regular service hours are posted.

Interpreter Services

Patients have the right to ask questions about their medical condition, receive information about  their care and give or withhold consents for treatment, by using the language in which they are most comfortable to communicate. We offer medical interpreters in more than 150 languages. American Sign Language interpreters for deaf or hearing impaired patients are also readily available. Upon admission, your nurse will ask you which language you would like to communicate in and will make arrangements for you to use the Interpreter Service, if needed. You can also call Patient Relations if you have additional questions: (718) 519-4747.

Know Your Rights
View The Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Representatives

Patient Representatives are available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or problems you may have regarding hospital services, patient care, patient safety, or any special needs. They can arrange for translation services, notary services or chaplain visits. They can explain your rights as a patient, address complaints, or assist with any ethical issues which may arise during your stay.

To speak with a Patient Representative, simply ask any staff member to contact the Patient Relations office on your behalf, or you may contact the office directly by calling (718) 519-4747.

Complaints can also be referred to: NYS Department of Health Centralized Hospital Intake Program, 433 River Street, 6th Floor, Troy, New York 12180  Phone: (800) 804-5447.

Financial Services
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