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Metropolitan Hospital Center A Member Hospital of New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation
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Are you...
...a NYC-based artist or art worker?
...without health insurance? need of health care?

Metropolitan ArtXchange is an artist-specific healthcare program at Metropolitan Hospital Center which enables NYC-based artists of all disciplines to trade their creative services for medical care. For each hour of service to the hospital, artists will receive credits which can be applied to healthcare services at the hospital.

How Do I Enroll?

Interested candidates will be asked to come in for an interview to assess what area of the hospital would be best suited for your artistic abilities, and allow you to learn more about Metropolitan ArtXchange. The interview will also provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your work. After the interview, you will meet with a Financial Counselor to sign up for HHC Options, if eligible. For more information on HHC Options click here.

To set up an enrollment interview, contact the Program Coordinator at 212-423-6128 or

How Does it Work?

Once enrolled, you will be scheduled to perform at different events and/or departments in the hospital. For each hour of artistic activity, 40 credits are added to your healthcare account. 40 credits = $40.00. Credits are exchanged for an equal value of healthcare services in dollars. When you need healthcare, the fee is charged to your Metropolitan ArtXchange account.

For example, if Mark sang to children at our Pediatric Inpatient Unit for one hour, he would earn 40 credits in his healthcare account. If Mark’s doctor visit costs $20.00 (based on his fee scale), 20 credits would be deducted from his account. The result? Mark can visit the doctor and have enough credits left for another visit or prescriptions, at no cost to him.

The length of participation in the program varies from person to person. You can exchange artistic services as long as there is a need or just a few times to help pay for your healthcare. There is no minimum participation required.

To learn more about Metropolitan ArtXchange, call 212-423-6128 during weekday business hours to speak with the Program Coordinator or send an email to

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