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Nursing at HHC

Nursing in the News

Miriam Carasa

Dr. Nurse Promotes Primary Care for Her Patients
Woodhull Hospital’s Dr. Miriam Carasa, a nurse with a PhD, is a leader in a new model of care where one nurse has primary responsibility for the patient, ensuring continuity of care and allowing a genuine relationship to develop.

HHC Nurses Make Hospitals Senior-Friendly
With NICHE recognition, HHC nurses are adopting age-sensitive best practices in elderly care to improve health of seniors, reduce readmission rates, and support their capacity to live independently.

Patient Satisfaction

Nurses are the Queens (and Kings) of Patient Satisfaction
Queens Hospital nurses are helping to improve patient satisfaction with better team work, more direct communication with patients, and a desire to improve the patient experience.

Terry Mancher

Chief Nurse Reflects on 34 Years of Dedicated Service to Coney Island Patients
Chief Nurse Terry Mancher considers Coney Island Hospital “my place” after more than three decades spent focused on safety, leading by listening and caring for patients in the hospital by the sea.

Donna Leno Gordon

Coney Island Hospital Nurse Wins Top Public Service Award
Donna Leno Gordon has dedicated over two decades of service at Coney Island Hospital, and has helped revolutionize care for chronically and terminally ill patients in New York City.

Marva Ortiz-Wade

Nurses make telehealth a life-changing experience for Kings County Diabetics
With the help of a telemedicine program, diabetic patients from Kings County Hospital and Central Brooklyn Family Health Network saw a big drop in their blood sugar level and a big improvement in their overall health.

Katie Walker

HHC Appoints New Director to Lead Institute for Medical Simulation
Katie Walker, a registered nurse and internationally-recognized leader in the field of health care simulation, will serve as the new Director of the HHC Institute for Medical Simulation and Advanced Learning (IMSAL).

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