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July 2013

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New Construction Fence + Shed Signs

New signage, color and viewing panel requirements are now in effect for construction fences and sidewalk sheds. The new standards apply to fences and sheds with permits issued on or after July 1, 2013. The new signs improve construction site safety by providing easy access to contractor and project information ― and these new requirements improve the overall appearance of job sites for communities.

For details on compliance requirements for construction fences and sheds permitted before July 1, exemptions for one-, two- and three-family projects, and design requirements for demolition projects and smaller lots, see Local Law 47 of 2013.

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General Overview
Design Templates

3D Site Safety Plans: New Guidelines + Revit Objects

To assist design professionals who are submitting 3D site safety plans, the Building Information Modeling Site Safety Submission Guidelines ― the BIM Manual ― is now available online, along with Revit 3D objects, Revit templates and required parameter files to use when creating BIM files.

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NYC Buildings Revit Content (ZIP)
NYC Buildings AutoCAD Content (ZIP)

Hearings, New Rules + Effective Dates

Energy Auditor Registration Fees Hearing 08.14.13, 10am @ 280 Broadway

Retaining Wall Inspections, Penalties + Waivers Effective 07.24.13

Potentially Structurally Compromised Buildings Effective 07.24.13


Service Updates

Online Renewal Payments for Stationary Engineers + General Contractors

Category 1 Elevator Inspections
Filing Deadline Extended

Hub Self-Service: AHVs
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AHV Overview
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Updated Information

Payment Refunds
Submitting Requests

Electrical Advisory Board
New Location + Submission Process

Scaffold Safety Team
Corner Scaffold Pre-inspections + Third Person on Scaffold Letters

Filing Representatives
Becoming Class 1 or 2
Renewing Registration
1 RCNY 104-24
AHV Renewals
PW1 BIS Search

Place of Assembly COs
Recent Changes


2013-009 establishes acceptance criteria for attendant-operated automobile parking lifts.

2013-008 supersedes 2012-010 to establish acceptance criteria for flexible fuel-oil piping systems.

2013-007 clarifies the term "approved" as it pertains to materials.

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The Department is seeking talented inspectors, architects, engineers, IT professionals and sustainability experts to join our team!

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Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor

Robert D. LiMandri, Commissioner

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