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After Hours Variances

An After Hours Variance is required if you are seeking to perform construction activity:

  • Before 7:00am
  • After 6:00pm
  • On the Weekend

Requesting an After Hours Variance

To request an After Hours Variance, you must:

  • Complete the PW5 Form
  • Pay the Intial Filing Fee at the Borough Cashier
  • Submit the completed PW5 with a receipt of the intial fee payment at the Borough Office
  • Upon approval, pay the daily fee at the Borough Cashier to obtain the variance

Applicants can request variances for up to 14 consecutive days of work using the same PW5 Form, provided that there are no changes to the work.

Filing Fees

Applicants must pay an intial filing fee as well as a daily fee for each day of after hours work.

Initial Filing Fees
 Days of Work


 1 - 3 $100.00
 4 - 6 $200.00
 7 - 9 $300.00
 10 - 12 $400.00
 13 - 14 $500.00

Daily Fee - $80.00 per day


After-Hours Variances can be renewed online through the NYC Development Hub. In order to renew variances through the NYC Development Hub, you must register to electronically file documents with the NYC Development Hub. 
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