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Construction Accidents Drop + Permits Rise in 2011

Construction-related accidents and injuries declined for the second consecutive year, Mayor Bloomberg announced last week at a Long Island City residential tower under construction. In 2011, there were 18% fewer accidents and almost 8% fewer injuries. This decrease came as construction permits rose nearly 8% citywide. These improvements are in line with last year's near-historic low in the number of fatal fires, 10th consecutive year of fewer than 600 murders and a record-breaking low number of traffic fatalities.

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Simplify Project Information

Our new Construction Information Panel Pilot Program consolidates project information into one, easy-to-understand sign. This new format answers people's questions about upcoming buildings and makes construction sites look better.  The new design, which requires prior approval from the Department, combines permit postings, contractor information and a project rendering.

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Service Updates

Simplified Pre-filing +
Applications Processing

Expanded to All Offices

Electrical Firm Accounts

Statements - UPDATED

Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation Renewals
Requesting Duplicates

Cranes + Derricks
Renewals - UPDATED

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New Buildings Bulletins

2012-001 outlines criteria for buffers, interlocks, elevator entrances, wedge shackles, elevator governors and elevator brakes.


2012-002 sets standards for fuel-gas compressors, duct burners and heat recovery steam generators in cogeneration and combined heat and power (CHP) projects.

Hearings + Rules

Hoist Machine Operators:

Training + Exams
Hearing 02.03.12 @ 10am

Electrical Code Violations: Classifications
Rule Effective 02.12.12

Elevators Without

Machine Rooms
Rule Effective 02.24.12

Did You Know...?

To obtain an electrical permit under the NYC 2011 Electrical Code, your project must meet the 2011 NYC Energy Conservation Code requirements.

Need to master the Energy Code? Use our six  unique, interactive training modules — for free!

More on the Energy Code

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Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor

Robert D. LiMandri, Commissioner

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