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Electrical Applications and Permits

Electrical installations must be performed by electrical contractors who are licensed by the Department of Buildings.

Electrical Permit Application

File the Electrical Permit Application (ED16A form) for electrical work, including the removal of electrical violations. Approved applications will produce a work permit, which the licensee must post at the job site.
Electrical Permits Brochure (PDF)

Electrical Inspections

Electrical devices cannot be used before a final inspection is performed and an Electrical Sign-off issued.
Request an electrical inspection appointment
Make a Payment

Electronic Filing

Electrical permit applications can be filed electronically filed through the NYC Development Hub. Electrical applications for the following things cannot be filed online:

  • Signs 
  • Applications that need special certification and/or approvals 
  • Applications for non-building addresses (bus shelters, telephone booths, news stands, street lighting, sub-stations, etc.) 
  • Advisory Board Projects

Learn more about Electronic Filing at NYC Development Hub

Electrical Violations

To resolve electrical violations, a licensed electrician must be hired to file an application with the Department of Buildings and correct the violations.

Hiring an Electrician

To verify if an electrician is licensed, use the Department's license search.
License Search
Electrician License Information

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