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Construction Information Panel Pilot Program

The Construction Information Panel Pilot Program encourages contractors and building owners to consolidate permit postings and contractor signage into one informational panel, making it easier for New Yorkers to learn about an ongoing construction project. The new panel design, which improves the overall appearance of the job site, includes space for a rendering of the project and additional information for the community.  

Construction sites must be one of the following criteria to participate in the pilot:

  1. A New Building  job with a construction fence; or
  2. An Alteration job with a construction fence

Locations may have additional temporary structures on site, but if there is no construction fence, the site does not qualify and should follow guidelines already established by the New York City Building Code.
View the Pilot Program Instructions for complete specifications on the program and design guidelines for the information panel.
To participate in the Construction Information Panel Pilot Program, sites must contact 
You will be required to submit your panel for approval before posting.