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Eligibility for transportation for general education students (and for special education students whose IEP’s do not indicates bussing) is based on grade level and distance from home to school. The eligibility rules for “free fare” MetroCard or Yellow Bus are contained in Chancellor’s Regulation A-801.

Students in special education are eligible for special education bussing only if page 1 of their IEP’s indicate that special education transportation is mandated. Assignment of a student to a bus route is made by the Office of Pupil Transportation.
Transportation ImageIf you have the student’s 9-digit NYC student ID number and date of birth, you can enter it at the OPT page to determine whether the student has a route assigned, the route and bus company, and whether special requirements, such as a mini-bus or a bus with a hydraulic wheelchair lift apply. OPT has “Special Populations Transportation Liaisons” who respond to issues involving transportation of specific groups of students, including those in foster care. Liaisons are assigned based on the type of schools students are attending.

Special Populations Transportation Liaisons

Last updated on June 6th, 2008
Liaison Type of School E-mail Phone
Seth Brown Public Click Here (718) 482-3850
Jessica Malavez Private (Catholic Affiliation) Click Here (718) 482-3852
Moshe Ausfresser Private (Jewish Affiliation) Click Here (718) 482-3863/ (718) 758-7618
Kwanza Wagner Charter Click Here (718) 482-3851
Kwanza Wagner All Other Click Here (718) 482-3851
Richie Scarpa Central Citywide Liaison Click Here (718) 786-8970

Requests for special education transportation must be supported by a written recommendation from a physician, and are coordinated by Transportation Liaisons working with the various Committees on Special Education, as follows:

Committees on Special Education

Last updated on June 6th, 2008
CSE(s) Districts Name E-mail Phone
1, 2 7 – 12 Mildred Ortiz Click Here (718) 329-8120
3 25, 26, 28, 29 Angela Williams Click Here (718) 391-8553
4, 5 24, 30, 32, 19, 23, 27 Sharon Maynard Click Here (718) 391-8442
6, 8 13 – 18, 22 Alicia Moore Click Here (718) 272-6483
7 20, 21, 31 Shawn McClain Click Here (718) 420-5749
9, 10 1 – 7 Howard Clarke Click Here (917) 339-1692
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