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Latest Statistics
  ACS Monthly Statistics

Foster Care 11,233
(SEP 2014)
(OCT 2014) 

(NOV 2014)

Child Care Vouchers

(OCT 2014)

Contracted Early Learn 29,296
(OCT 2014)
Secure Detention

(OCT 2014)

Non-Secure Detention

(OCT 2014)

Non-Secure Placement

(OCT 2014)

View the Monthly Flash Indicators for detailed statistics

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For definitions of the indicators and terms used in the following reports, see Glossary of Indicators.

Monthly Flash Indicators
Graphs illustrating current monthly trends in select child welfare statistics. Supporting data are available in the table appendices, where applicable.

Yearly Updates:
FY 2008 | FY 2007 | FY 2006 | FY 2005 | FY 2004 | FY 2003 | FY 2002 | FY 2001 | FY 2000

Five-Year Report (FY2005 - FY2009)

Abuse/Neglect Report and Placement Statistics

Annual summaries of abuse/neglect reports and foster care placements by borough and community district.

NYC 2013 Community Snapshots

These community snapshots provide detailed information, broken down by NYC Community District, in the following areas: community demographic indicators, abuse/neglect & victimization rates, foster care census and placement information, preventive services enrollment and referral figures, detention and non-secure placement information and early care and education statistics.

NYC Child Welfare Indicators

In compliance with Introduction 15 passed by the New York City Council in 2006, Children's Services submits Child Welfare Indicators to the Council quarterly. An annual summarized version of the report is also required to be posted on the Children's Services website. 

Annual Reports

Child Welfare Indicators Annual Report 2013 (PDF)

Child Welfare Indicators Annual Report 2012 (PDF)

Child Welfare Indicators Annual Report 2011 (PDF)

Child Welfare Indicators Annual Report 2010 (PDF)

Child Welfare Indicators Annual Report 2009 (PDF)

Child Welfare Indicators Annual Report 2008 (PDF)

Child Welfare Indicators Annual Report 2007 (PDF)

Quarterly Reports: (PDF format)


Youth and Family Justice Reports

In compliance with Introduction 981-A passed by the New York City Council, Children's Services is required to post quarterly and annual Incident Reports, an annual demographic report and an annual report of child abuse allegations for Detention and Placement.

Incident Data Reports






Demographic Reports:

Annual Abuse/Neglect Reports:

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