The New York City Administration for Children’s Services protects New York City’s children from abuse and neglect.
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Office of Education Support and Policy Planning

The Office of Education Support and Policy Planning (OESPP) assists children up to age 21 who are accessing services through the Administration for Children’s Services.  OESPP staff, comprised of attorneys and education advocates, provide consultation services to CPS and provider agency staff for the full range of educational issues with a focus on special education, early intervention, and children transitioning out of juvenile detention.  In addition to consultation, OESPP provides extensive training to ACS staff, partner agency staff, and foster parents to enhance their ability to resolve problems with educational services, including identifying children who are not receiving appropriate educational services and advocating for the provision of those services.  OESPP also coordinates with the NYC Department of Education and the Early Intervention Program to develop strategies to improve educational outcomes for children in our care and custody.



Contact Information for the ACS Office of Education Support and Policy Planning
Kathleen Hoskins, Director – phone 212-341-0977, kathleen.hoskins@dfa.state.ny.us
Roberto Romero, Education Advocate Supervisor – phone 212-442-5046, roberto.romero@dfa.state.ny.us
Donald Lash, Staff Attorney – phone 212-788-2976, donald.lash@dfa.state.ny.us
Chris Tan, Staff Attorney (Juvenile Justice) - phone 212-442-4320, christopher.tan@dfa.state.ny.us
Melissa Cueto, Education Advocate- phone 212-341-0913, melissa.cueto@dfa.state.ny.us
Nancy Santiago, Education Advocate- phone 212-341-0957, nancy.santiago@dfa.state.ny.us

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