TLC Locations

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Long Island City

Long Island City

NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission

31-00 47th Avenue, 3rd floor
Long Island City, NY 11101

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The office is open Monday through Friday, from 8am until 4pm for the below TLC Services:

  • Licensing Appointments 8am – 4pm (Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment)
  • Cashier Services (make payment) 8am – 4pm.
  • Prosecution Settlements requests accepted from 8am – 1pm.
  • Prosecution Payment Plans requests accepted from 8am – 3pm.
  • OATH Taxi and Limousine Tribunal from 8am – 5pm.

If you have Questions about Licensing, a summons or suspension click here for more information.

While New York City and State have adjusted their COVID restrictions, and the FALCHI building where the TLC’s customer facility is located has lifted the mask requirement in common areas, please be reminded that a mask continues to be required for all individuals visiting the TLC’s Long Island City facility.

Public Transportation

  • 7 Train to 33 Street/Queens Boulevard and walk toward 31st Street and make a left on 31st Street and walk toward 47th Avenue.
  • E Train M Train R Train to Queens Plaza and walk over the bridge toward Van Dam Street and make a right onto it. Walk along Van Dam Street toward 47th Avenue and make a right onto it. Walk along 47th toward 31st Street.
  • G Train to Court Square, walk along Jackson Avenue toward Thompson Avenue. Then make a right onto Thompson Avenue and walk toward 31st Street and make a right onto 31st Street and walk down toward 47th avenue.


  • The surrounding area contains limited free and metered parking, as well as private parking garages. 



NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission
24-55 B.Q.E West
Woodside, NY 11377
(718) 391-5501

Licensee Information Hotline (718) 391-5501
Inspection Information (718) 267-4559

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Services Offered

Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)

  • Inspections (5:00am - 9:15pm)
  • Reinspections (5:30am - 8pm)*
  • Hack ups and meter inspections (7:00am - 1pm)
  • Corrected conditions (5:30am - 8pm)

* A reinspection fee is only owed if a vehicle fails its initial inspection and is brought back and reinspected after making the necessary repairs. No reinspection fee is owed if a vehicle passes its initial inspection.

Beginning November 12, 2019, vehicle owners will no longer need to pay in advance for vehicle reinspections at TLC’s Woodside Inspection facility.  Reinspection fees must be paid online after the reinspection at

View step-by-step instructions on how to pay your reinspection fees.



33 Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004
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  • R Train to Whitehall Street. The station exit places you on Pearl Street. Walk along Pearl Street toward Broad Street. Make a left on Broad Street and walk toward Beaver Street and make left.
  • 4,5 Train to Bowling Green and walk toward Beaver Street.
  • 1 Train to South Ferry. Walk north, to State Street, and then make a right. Walk along State Street, toward Broad Street, and make a left. On Broad Street, walk toward Beaver Street and make a left.
  • J Train to Broad Street. Walk south, along Broad Street, toward Beaver Street and then make a right.
  • 2,3 Train to Wall Street, Walk south, along William Street, and then make a right onto Beaver Street.


  • Kura River Management LTD
    2 Broadway / 9 Stone St.
    New York, NY 10004

  • South William Parking LLC
    14 South William Street
    New York, NY 10004


  • Broadway & Battery Pl
  • Broad St & Bridge St