Staff Members

The CB9 District Office is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

This is a brief overview of the office staff and their responsibilities. The office assignments have been broken down this way by the District Manager in an attempt to better serve the Board and the Community.

James S. McClelland is the board's District Manager. His first responsibility is the operation of the District Office and the delivery of City Services to the constituents. Once a project is approved by the Board or the Board sets a policy, the D.M. goes about implementing that policy. The D.M. works under the supervision of the Chairperson.

Irina Barayeva is the board's Community Associate. Irina is responsible for the board minutes as well as the District Cabinet minutes and notices. She is responsible for the board's database on mailing lists, which includes all mailing lists, distributing these lists to board members, the Deputy Borough President, and the boards internal routing system. She also organizes and distributes the daily mail.
Irina processes all complaints which includes computerized Citynet, DEPAC, and BIS systems.

Leela Venketachalam is the Administrative Aide at Community Board 9. Leela is responsible for updating CB9's liquor license database. In addition, she does clerical work such as filing, mailings, answering phone calls, photocopies, and incoming mail for CB9 Board Members.

All staff members have many additional assignments delegated by the D.M. that are too numerous to list here. I hope that this assists you in your relationship with us.