Nestled along the south-facing slope of the terminal moraine, formed by the receding glacier, are the communities of Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill, Woodhaven, and Ozone Park. People often speak of the way things used to be, but let's face it, 400 years ago this all used to be forest and woodland. As New York City expanded and farmland gave way to development, we now have Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill, Woodhaven, & Ozone Park to call home. These four communities each offer their distinct vision of small-town America; each within a short ride to the greatest metropolitan hub in the world.

Kew Gardens, with its architectural allusions and echoes of its London namesake, is the daughter community of Victorian Richmond Hill. The same developers that gave us these respective Tudor and Victorian vernaculars went on to develop much of Woodhaven and Ozone Park. Read on and learn more about the history of these vibrant neighborhoods.

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