NYC Health Benefits Program

Enrolling in Retiree Health Benefits

This video guides Non-Medicare eligible employees through the steps involved in enrolling in retiree health benefits, including important information to know before begining the process, checking eligibility, how to enroll for benefits and carefully considering how health coverage may differ as a retiree.


Please note that employees need to submit an application - even if they have decided to decline health benefits as a retiree.


Included below is information about what is covered in each section of the video (as well as the position in the video where that information is provided).  However, for best results, we recommend the  video be watched in its entirety (5 minutes, 21 seconds).

Checklist for Non-Medicare Employees Enrolling in Retiree Health Benefits 


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NOTE:  Medicare-eligible employees should click here to watch our other video, as the enrollment process differs.

Section 1: Before you Enroll  (0:00-0:37)
This section covers important information that you should know including when to start the process, information about how long it will take and helpful recommendations to ensure a smooth transition.


Section 2:  Eligibility (0:38-1:30)
This sections provides information about how to find out if you are eligible for retiree health benefits. 


Section 3: How to Enroll (1:31-4:23)
This section details all of the steps a non-Medicare employees will need to know in order to enroll in retiree health benefits. 


Section 4: Declining Health Coverage (4:24-5:21)
Employees need to submit an application - even if they have decided to decline health benefits as a retiree.  This section explains how an employee will indicate this option on the application, as well as what needs to be done to reinstate benefits in the future.