Community Grants

Community Grants

OER makes pre-development grants to community based organizations (CBOs) that seek to redevelop vacant or underutilized property in their communities.


Pre-development grants are available to CBOs with a plan to develop a project on a vacant or underutilized site and study the area around it, which OER will recognize as a community brownfield planning area.

CBOs must meet the following criteria to qualify for a Community Grant:

  • A clear path to site control
  • Identification of a geographic area with one or more vacant or underutilized sites
  • A community based organization with an established community vision and development capacity
  • Some evidence the development site is environmentally impaired
  • A demonstration of community support for the future use of the property

Types and Awards

There are two types of Community Grants: a Community Technical Assistance Grant of $10,000 and a Community Planning Grant of $25,000.

Community based organizations can use grant funds for a wide range of activities that advance a project towards construction. Prior grantees have used the funds to design community space at an affordable housing development, analyze a passive house design, conduct a Phase ll site assessment, and to conduct outreach for a capital campaign for a new building.

Community Grants can be paid upfront to a CBO which wishes to engage its own contractor or to procure specific services from an OER contractor.

With these grants, OER seeks to expand community planning into new areas of the city.


Community-based organizations can download a Community Grant application form.