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Department of Forensic Biology

Forensic Biology Evidence and Case Management Manuals

This manual contains procedures related to (1) evidence intake, distribution, and return; and (2) case handling, including evidence examination guidelines; handling, evaluation, and troubleshooting of cases which are in progress; report writing and reviews.

Procedures on this page are effective as of June 20, 2016 and later. The dates effective are shown as MM/DD/YY - MM/DD/YY in the file name.

Note: The most current manual in each section is the first link listed.

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Administrative Completion of Cases

Administrative Review

Alternate Light Source (ALS) Requests by the Medical Examiner

As of 12/29/23, the Alternate Light Source (ALS) Requests by the Medical Examiner procedure was retired.

Case Acceptance and Evidence Sign-in

Case Files

Case Management

Evidence Control

Evidence Examination

Human Remains Examination

IR Camera User Guide

Laser Microdissection of Products of Conception

Postmortem Review & Sign-in

As of 6/3/2022, the Postmortem Review & Sign-in procedure was restructured and renamed.  Please see the Postmortem Specimen and Preservation Holds procedure.

Postmortem Specimen and Preservation Holds



Technical Review